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About SNOA

SNOA Sleepwear was conceived on a foggy, frigid, San Francisco night when SNOA's founder, Anh Oppenheimesnoaoutdoors-sled.jpgr, slipped into bed with the simple goal of looking sexy and feeling warm. Donning a skimpy, black negligee, oversized sweatshirt and chubby ski socks, she failed miserably. Not wanting to repeat this frumpy fashion faux pas, Anh decided to create the very first luxury line of women's sleepwear devoted to looking sexy and feeling warm. That was in 2011.
Recognizing that women love to feel both comfortable and irresistible all year long, SNOA Sleepwear expanded its signature collection by creating sleepwear designed for all seasons so that women can look sexy and feel luxurious every night.

SNOA garments are created with layers of soft modal jersey trimmed with silk, satin or organic bamboo fleece. Additionally, SNOA proudly uses the most eco-friendly fabrics available and manufactures its entire collection in the USA.