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When Mama ain't unhappy, nobody's happy!!

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It's not that Mama's mean or mad… Mama's just tired and needs a little break!!

It's long been noted that people on their death beds regret missing out on time with loved ones and often wish that they hadn't sweated the small stuff so much. For example, we're unlikely to wish that we spent more time cleaning the house or putting in more hours at work or obsessing over the perfectly decorated house or manicured lawn... Instead, we'll regret not slowing down from time to time to simply appreciate and enjoy life a little more or find a few peaceful moments where you can look at life and see that all is well, all is really well. There is some truth to the saying, "Sometimes it's good to stop and smell the Roses". The question is: How do we compel ourselves to stop worrying about what needs to be done all the time and to simply do things just for us?

Like most modern women, you probably wish there were more hours in the day. Whether you still have young or teenage 

Milk and Honey bath soack

kids at home or have elderly parents who require more and more of your time and attention, finding the time to juggle those responsibilities along with things like work and various hobbies is a tall order and some of us have to do it as single mom's, which is not an easy task, and it's all too easy to run ourselves ragged, lose our patience and wear our tolerances really thin. Sadly, today's world encourages people to burn the candle at both ends. Does it really have to be that way? Is it possible for us, woman today, to take time that is just ours, where we don't think about work, or taking care of anyone, or the next PTA meeting or soccer carpool and home care but focus on just ourselves in a way that will allow a restful and regenerative internal process? It can really be anything: a drink on the balcony in the evening, or a soak in a tub with scented candles and soft music, it can be a hike or a walk or a 10 minutes meditative contemplation. The trick is, that none of this comes easily, this is a habit that needs to be learned and practiced and resources need to be allocated. It’s a family mission to give mom time for herself. And you know what? It works in the end!

You're probably already protesting that you just don't have time to spare and can't justify spending any of it on yourself. Is that really true, though? Babysitters and relatives can help with the kids once in a while (Think of a responsible teenager? maybe a son or daughter of a good friend? Cousins? Neighbors? Other loved ones can lend a hand with elderly parents once in a while – not all the time. The house doesn't need to be immaculate 24/7. Hey, here is a mental shift…. Leave the housework for another day and go do something on your own – It will all be there waiting for you when you get back (unless someone else is assigned the task and gets it done!) I am not suggesting doing this everyday but perhaps start with finding a few minutes or an hour every few of days, where you consciously decide to not be there for anyone else but you. Once you get into the habit of taking time for yourself, life will suddenly seem a whole lot easier and your soul will thank you for it and so will your family.

Andie Gown and CapeletteSo to start with, it’s a great idea to get in the habit of treating and pampering yourself once in a while, even just a little bit. Chances are that you happily buy nice things for others on birthdays, anniversaries and the like. What about you? You stick with yourself through thick and thin, so don't you deserve to splurge every once in a while? For example, what do you typically wear to bed? Like many women, you probably get by with old T-shirts and the like. Undeniably comfy though they may be, they don't do a whole lot in terms of helping you enjoy the little things. Why not treat yourself to some truly luxurious sleepwear? Why Sleepwear?? Because when you go to sleep, you are preparing for the next day, and if you treat the - before going to sleep time - as a little "me" ritual that can start with a relaxing bath or shower to wash off the day, nice skin care routine, and then slipping on a nightgown or pajamas made of soft fine fabric, it will feel like you are wrapped in a warm and soothing hug that will comfort you and help you fall asleep in the nicest possible way. SNOA Sleepwear offers plenty of tantalizing options. With a beautiful set of luxury sleepwear, all the stress of the day will melt away upon slipping into bed.

So, ladies, during your waking hours, do take or steal or buy time that's strictly intended for you. "Me time" can simply consist of a few quiet hours curled up with a great book. It might mean spending a little time at your favorite local coffee shop. Another fun idea is to take yourself out on dates. Grab dinner, see a movie and bask in the glow of doing something special just for you and at the end of the day, slip into sumptuously luxurious sleepwear. Because you deserve it. And your family deserves a Happy Mama!

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