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Trend Alert…and just in time for Halloween!

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This year's autumn and winter runways were filled with fairy tale-inspired delights. Perhaps spurred by the popularity of recent fairy tale adaptations for adult audiences, like Maleficent, Snow White and the Huntsmen, Red Riding Hood and several Grimm tales - designers are stepping into C.S. Lewis’ magical wardrobe for inspiration.

Dolce and Gabbana epitomized the trend during Milan Fashion week with their enchanted "Once Upon a Time in Sicily" line - full of rich textures, flowy, feminine details, and folk art patterns. Herve Leger by Max Azria and Natalie Capell both channeled their sexy inner vileness with capes and Gothic-inspired details. Whether your inner child is an innocent princess in need of a valiant knight, or a dark fairy tale character with a wicked cackle, this winter's trend is the perfect excuse to get into role playing!

Most women will be reluctant to adopt this bold haute couture look into their daily wardrobe, but sleepwear for women is the perfect place to start. Indulging in this trend with sexy nightgowns is easy and can add a romantic flair to bedtime. The fairytale look in sleepwear for women lets us to tap into our beloved fantasies of youth in a discreet way.

So, if you would like to add some spice to your bedroom or would simply like to get your beauty sleep while looking the part, the Winter 2014/2015 Fairytale fashion trend can be effortlessly adapted with SNOA's collection of sleepwear and loungewear for women.Enjoying this trend in the privacy of our own homes is especially preferable for those of us who aren't quite sure how to work a velvet cape into our office or errand-running attire…

How can you pull off a Happily Ever After outfit?

There are a few details that move this look from frumpy to fantasy. First, soft, sumptuous, and wispy fabrics are key. While the runway looks focused on velvets and brocades, any fabric that is soft and high quality (with the right silhouette of course) will achieve the look and feel.

SNOA's sexy nightgowns with bell-shaped sleeves, empire waistlines, and flowing lettuce edge hems add a sweet medieval flair. The noble Hot Toddy or innocent First Kiss Babydoll nightie are ideal nightgowns to be found in, should you fall under a spell.

Add some details if you really want to work the trend - Rock a cape (or capelet – shhh, coming soon!), pin your hair high, slip on one of our magical long sleeve nightgowns, and channel your inner damsel (or heroine, that’s up to you).

Become Sleeping Beauty in a French Kiss Babydoll or J'Adore long sleeve nightgown. Or, choose the black Hot Toddy nightie as the basis for your Maleficent costume. Whichever fairy tale you love best, SNOA Sleepwear offers sexy nightgowns and charming sleepwear for women with luscious draping modal fabric that captures the magical mood of the moment.

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