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We believe that every good company should endeavor to be just that - good. Good to people, good to the environment. SNOA Sleepwear strives to be a “conscientious company,” one that supports a triple bottom line of  people + planet + profit.

In researching how to be a conscientious apparel company, we learned two key facts:

1.  "The fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world, second to oil, and is the second largest polluter of clean water.  25% of chemicals produced worldwide are used in the fashion industry."                                      - Urban Times Magazine

2. The organic fashion movement is approximately where the organic food movement was two decades ago… in its infancy.

Everyone wears clothes but most of us don’t realize the impact our fashion purchases have on both the environment and on those who work to put the clothes on our backs.

All SNOA Sleepwear garments are made in the USA, specifically in San Francisco, five miles from our office, under good conditions with fair wages.

SNOA Sleepwear donates a portion of its profits to protecting polar bear habitat through the Center for Biological Diversity.

SNOA Sleepwear is contributing to the groundswell of the eco-friendly clothing movement through its fabric choices. We help to influence manufacturers by requesting organic fabrics. And we hope to convince customers that wearing sleepwear made with eco-friendly fabric is better for you, for the people who produce the fabric, and for the planet itself.

SNOA is working hard to warm you, not the planet.