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SNOA Sleepwear is working hard to warm you, not the planet, by using highly sustainable, eco-friendly fabrics.  

MODAL JERSEY, the soft, luxurious fabric that forms the body of our designs, is sourced from sustainably grown beechwood trees. The solvent used during the production process is easily recycled without any contamination since the fiber is extracted from pure wood. Using a green recycling process means the fabric we love is made without harming the environment.  

The BAMBOO FLEECE used in SNOA garments is sourced from certified, organic bamboo fibers and pulp. Bamboo is a highly sustainable crop as it does not claim farming land, grows very fast and needs minimal care. It is a much better CO2 extractor and oxygen emitter than trees, and all bamboo products are completely biodegradable and recyclable. Oh, and our fleece is especially soft and drapes well, which compliments every curve!

SNOA Sleepwear is extremely conscientious of its fabric choices because being good to the environment is just as important to us as creating sexy, warm sleepwear that every woman feels beautiful wearing.