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SNOA Sleepwear Has a Brand New Look

SNOA Sleepwear, the first luxury brand of women's sleepwear devoted to looking sexy and feeling warm, launched its newly rebranded label and online boutique on October 8th, 2013.

"Look Sexy • Feel Warm," SNOA's mantra is portrayed in the look and feel of its new, golden toned branding. Covergirl model, Christina Makowski makes the collection look sexier than ever. Go behind the scenes of the SNOA photo shoot to see the transformation firsthand. 

SNOA Sleepwear was conceived on a chilly, foggy night when Founder, Anh Oppenheimer, wanted to wear something sexy to bed that was warming as well. Finding nothing to fit the bill, Anh partnered with her friend and fashion designer, Susan Robinson, to create SNOA Sleepwear.

That was three years ago and since then, SNOA Sleepwear has been selling to a growing number of delighted clientele, sixty-five percent of whom are men buying gifts. With merchandise returns rare and rave reviews common, Anh realized that SNOA Sleepwear has successfully filled a unique niche.

"Women shouldn't have to sacrifice comfort and warmth to look sexy in bed, and now they don't have to. It's been fantastic to see that so many women, and their partners, are in sync with my idea. And best of all, when men hear about SNOA, they can suddenly imagine a whole new world where their loved one can be as cozy as she is beautiful,"  said Anh.

Made in San Francisco, California, USA, SNOA Sleepwear is a luxury brand devoted to looking sexy and feeling warm, while also being environmentally conscious. Its sumptuous collection is created with layers of soft, sustainable, eco-friendly modal jersey, trimmed with silk, satin, or organic bamboo fleece so SNOA Sleepwear warms the wearer, not the planet. 

Read what the media is saying about SNOA Sleepwear. 


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