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Shopping for Her

Purchasing the perfect gift for the woman you love is as easy as 1-2-3.

1. Decide where to shop.
Shop at an online store that offers a selection of products she will love. You have already accomplished this by shopping at SNOAsleepwear.com. SNOA offers a luxurious collection of women's sleepwear devoted to looking sexy and feeling warm; two things that every woman will appreciate.

2. Know her size.
Do some snooping in her closet. Check the size labels in a shirt or dress if you are planning to purchase a SNOA Sleepwear top, nightie or gown. Check the size label in a pair of pants or underwear if you are purchasing one of our bottoms. Refer to our size chart to determine the best size match.

3. Choose a style and color.
SNOA Sleepwear has a variety of styles and colors that are sure to excite both of you. All of our garments are made with the softest layers of modal jersey so in addition to looking sexy in the design you choose, she will also feel warm and pampered.

If you still need help, contact personalshopper@SNOAsleepwear.com so we may assist you, or make sure she gets exactly what she wants by giving her a SNOA Sleepwear gift certificate. BUY NOW.


"My wife still loves her 'OG Snoa'".... :) – Nate, New York

"My wife and I are celebrating our anniversary June 10th and this would be a really nice gift for my wife; she absolutely loves the thought of having the Ingrid and Frida combo. Thanks for your help!" - Kevin

"Added bonus:  When possible, I try to give gifts made in the US ---- with locally sourced fabrics and manufacturing in lovely SF. This is a gift that I will enjoy giving as well." - Tom DeFee

"Gotta tell you, your stuff is a huge hit." – Roger

"I love the whole line and so does she." – C

"I love the SNOA story and would love to get my wife something for Valentine’s Day" – Steve

"You have a new and devoted customer….  You are doing everything right.  I wish you great success, and I'll do my part to help in that." – Russ

"Just wanted to let you know that Andrew told me that his GF Ali loved her Snoa gift!!! – Carston

"Thank you - I look forward to receiving.  You have an interesting niche and a good website - a quick search for "warm lingerie"  brings your site to the top.  This is a birthday gift for my wife, and I am sure it will be warmly received.  (Puns intended)   We live in a charming 1920's bungalow (read: cold and drafty), and are exploring ways to stay warmer this fall/winter.  Congratulations on pursuing your clever idea." - Tom